Event Registration and Facility Access

Event Registration

To help conference organizers plan University events, it is recommended that they add a section to the registration form on which registrants can indicate the disability accommodations that they would like to request on the registration form. This section should also invite registrants to contact the event host in the event that the disability accommodations that they require are not listed. For your convenience, the form below may be copied and placed in your registration form.

Access Service Information

Access Service requests must be received by (event contact) no later than (date) to guarantee availability.

Hotel Sleeping Room Accommodations* (please check all that are applicable)

  • or

*Event organizers are requesting Hotel Accommodation information as a "double-check" resource for the Hotels. Individuals are fully responsible for making their own hotel arrangements.

Dietary Restrictions (check all that may apply)


Programmatic Accommodations for Concurrent Sessions, Symposia and Workshops (All listed services/media are provided for all plenary sessions)

I request the following:

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I request accessible media in the following format (select one):

Also, if the event host is providing any sort of transportation service for participants, the registration form should invite registrants to identify their need for accessible transportation.