Guidelines for Accessible University-Sponsored Events

General Guidelines

The following guidelines are provided to assist students, faculty, staff, and professional employees comply with federal and state statues (e.g., ADA, IITAA) governing inclusion of persons with disabilities in any public and educational programs or events on university campuses.

  1. Large public events, such as freshman orientation, freshman convocation, commencement, board meetings, etc., must provide real time captioning and sign language interpreting.
  2. All Web-based conference information resources must conform to the Illinois Information Technology Accessibility Act (IITAA). See the Web Accessibility Best Practices for help in complying with IITAA.
  3. University of Illinois event brochures, registration forms, paper and electronic invitations or fliers must include the following statement: "To request disability-related accommodations for this event, please contact (name of person) at (phone/email/address)."
  4. All University of Illinois events posted on the University events calendar, or the calendar of a unit of the University must include the access statement identified in number three above.
  5. All University print publications including but not limited to course syllabi, college bulletins, program brochures, class schedules, newsletters, and instructional publications must include the following statement: "This (publication/document/material) may be obtained in alternative formats upon request. Please contact (name, department, address, phone, email)." Alternately, if the publication is available electronically on the Internet, the following statement can be used: "This (publication/document/material) is available in an accessible electronic format at (url of document), or you may contact (name, department, address, phone, email) to request an alternative format of this publication."
  6. When MS Office products, especially Powerpoint, are used to develop conference presentation content, please read through WebAIM's pages on Powerpoint accessibility. Also, review the Word and PDF tutorials available from the University of Illinois.
  7. Every effort should be made to only use captioned video in University-sponsored events. With sufficient lead time of six weeks, conference videos can be captioned by DRES or via an outside vendor when the lead time is less than six weeks.

Notably, some campus auxiliary units have effective procedures for planning and implementing requested accommodations; however, for most, this process will be unique. For the latter group it is recommended that the event organizers contact the Division of Disability Resources and Educational Services (217-333-4600) or Office of Diversity, Equity, and Access (217-333-0885) to plan and implement event accommodations that have been requested.